Study Themes

1. Strategy

- What constitutes a national cyberspace strategy

- How to begin

2. Cyber Force

- Defending infrastructur enot owned, controlled, or understrood by the military

- A cyber militia model integrated wih a civilian/military command and control

3. Vision and Leadership

- Creating a reasonable galvanizing vision for cyberspace defense

- What kind of leadership is needed to execsute such a vision?

4. Defining the Problem

- Researching for decades without a clear scientific definitin of the problem

- How do we do this?

5. Creating a Strong Cyber Science Foundation

- How to invest to create a strong scientific foundation

6. Economic Aspects

- What are the economic aspects to the cyber problem?

- What economic measures do we tae to try to address the cyber problem

7. Success Culture

- What is the national and oganizational culture needed to succeed?

- What are historical analogous problems and what can we learn from them?