Operational Military issues in Cyber Conflict in Deepening Foundations of Cyber Conflict

Cyber conflict presents military and intelligence organizations with a range of challenging operational issues. The study explores the full spectrum of military computer network operations, defined as computer network defense (CND), computer network exploit (CNE) and computer attack (CNA), and examines the potential synergies and tradeoffs between those three categories. The research will analyze key dilemmas of doctrine, organization, training, and planning, particularly with respect to integrating cyber warfare capabilities with kinetic operations. The study will culminate in the publication of a standalone monograph of approximately 100 pages.

Key Research Questions

  • How can we measure/evaluate cyberwarfare capabilities?
  • How will cultural/organizational factors influence these measurements?
  • What considerations will influence targeting strategy to achieve coercive, deterrent and defensive objectives with cyberwarfare capabilities?
  • How can cyberwarfare capabilities be best integrated with other military forces?
  • How will they affect evolving operational concepts? (e.g., littoral operations)?
  • How do they influence the development of advanced C4ISR or space capabilities?
  • How can leaders and personnel for conducting cyberwarfare be trained, educated and grown?
  • How can conflict scenarios involving cyberwarfare be evaluated?
  • What are the relative strengths and weakness of modeling, simulation, gaming, and exercises?
  • How will cyberwarfare capabilities factor into evaluating conflicts involving other forces?
  • How can capabilities to enhance transparency related to cyberwarfare capabilities and operations be developed?
  • How can actors more quickly attribute the sources of attacks/disruptions?
  • Will international cooperation play a key role?
  • How can visualization, collaboration and information discovery technologies contribute to enhanced situational awareness and decision-making in cyber conflict?